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South Valley Tour

South Valley Tour. This is a very quiet and interesting tourist circuit where you’ll be able to learn about Cusco’s colonial art…


Moray and Salt Mines Half Day Tour

This is a very quiet and interesting tourist circuit where you will learn about agriculture, textiles and The Inca history…


Pallay Punchu Full Day Hike

Pallay punchu del Apu T’acllo. One of the most beautiful and impressive in the andes range. Its beauty is unique, as a rainbow on earth, local people call this place “the rainbow range”…


Waqrapukara Full Day Hike

An impressive archeological site which was built by “the canchis”, predecessors of the incas, Waqrapukara by his etymology means: wakra: horn and Pukara: fortress…


Apukunaq Tianan Tour

Apukunaq Tianan (the Gods’ house, in the ancient inca’s language).  It is a group of giant sculptures carved in calcic rock, an interesting place recomended for art lovers…

$70.00 Full-day-excursion-to-the-rainbow-mountain-range

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Full Day

One of the most wonderful places located on the Andes range, its beauty is unique as a rainbow on earth. Local people  consider this mountain as …

$70.00 lake-humantay-1-day

Humantay Lake Day Hike

Laguna de Humantay is a beautiful day hike where you can visit the Humantay lagoon, turquoise blue and part of the Vilcabamba mountain…


Singrenacocha Lake Full Day

In the southeast part of Cusco city, a hundred and twenty kilometers away is located one of the most beautiful lagoons around there. The…


  • star rating  Súper recomendado, Juan Carlos es un guía muy gentil, con buena plática y buen fotógrafo. Conocí la morada de los dioses y termine con el skybike

    Liz Q
    August 31, 2021
  • star rating  Sin duda una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, siempre buscaba deportes de aventura con paisajes increíbles y Cusco fué la mejor opción.
    Gracias Juanca eres un trome.
    Un... read more

    August 25, 2021
  • star rating  La experiencia fue muy bonita, con mucha adrenalina, me sentí segura todo el tiempo, fue emocionante y siempre me transmitieron su buena vibra en cada escalada que si. Recomendadisimo

    August 23, 2021