Ausangate Trek 4 Days

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Ausangate Trek 4 Days: It’s certainly an adventure trip recommended for people who like walking, feel the nature, tranquility, the spirit, the energy of the Pachamama and mountains as the Apu Ausangate is the protector and the highest mountain Cusco. and the most important thing about this trip is that you know the true PERU. The Andes PERU of their people in their traditional dress, their customs and learn their way of life is superb and interesting without the presence of many tourists.


  • Accommodation: Camps
  • Altitude: 5.200 mt / 17.060 ft
  • Departures Days: Every Day
  • Trip Type: Hiking/Trekking
  • Group size: Small Groups
  • Activity Levels: Challenging
  • Distance:
  • Season: Year Round
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Price: $520 Per Person

Ausangate Trek 4 days:

Day 1: Cusco – Pacchanta – Pucacocha

The Ausangate tour expedition begins with the pick-up of the explorers at 4.00 am to go direct to the starting point of the Pacchanta walk 4 334 m. The trip lasts 3 hours where you can observe a part of the Vilcanota Mountain Range (Ausangate and the Callangate), the explorers will arrive in Pacchanta accompanied by the first rays of the sun reaching the Ausangate. The Huillca Expedition team will be waiting for you with breakfast, and the usual smiles. After enjoying breakfast you will get ready to go to our first camp in Pucacocha 4 592, you will start with the post-plain ascent until you arrive at Upis 4 444 m camp, which is usually the first 5-day Ausangate Circuit expedition camp, in our case it is 4 days for this reason we will continue moving forward until we reach the first step called “Arapa Pass 4 734 m” from there you can see our first panorama of the hill. Now we will begin with our descent until we reach the first lagoon called Yanacocha, this lagoon is important because it marks a milestone in the milestone of the Vilcanota communities, it is the place where the “Peasant Rounds” was founded, a communal organization for the safety of settlers, are responsible for solving criminal matters in the Ausangate Valley… So do not even think about stealing! You may be surprised… more information can consult the guide. Well returning to our expedition continues to reach the Huchuy Pucacocha Lagoon and then our Hatun Pucacocha camp. Upon arrival our stores are ready to rest easy.

Day 2: Pucacocha – Inkawasi

Ah! The sun begins gaining territory through the Apacheta Pass, where the expeditions that go to Mountain of Colors go through that pass, our breakfast will be at 7:00 am. (Approximately). The walk will be starting at 8:30 am to the second camp, our first journey goes for two hours to the Ausangate Lagoon. This day will be beautiful and a little difficult at the ascent of the Palomani pass 5 133 m our highest step of the hike, and at what I was referring to. We will descend until we reach our Inkawasi camp 4 643 m. This place is charming for its views of the snowy Ausangate and the extensive alpacas that graze in the area.

Day 3: Inkawasi – Azulcocha 

The exploration continues, you know why we don’t tell you how the places are? Well it’s surprise! Breakfast starts at 7.30 am to go to our last camp Azulcocha 4 566 m, the tour starts with the short descent until reaching Surapampa or Huchuy Phinaya. From here you will start with the ascent until it reaches the height of the Ticllacocha Lagoon (4750 m.). This will be another beautiful day of panoramic views of mountains, lagoons and a bit of luck we can see wild animals such as: vicuñas, vizcachas and different birds of the Andes. In Addition we will cross the Jampa 5 072 m pass that is in the middle of beautiful and mysterious mountains, it will also be our last step, what a sad truth? Hurry up! That the explorers are descending through the lovely turquoise lagoons. When we pass the Otorongo Lagoon or the famous Otorongos for their mysticities we will be almost at the camp, one lap and we will see our camp and our team waiting for us very happy.

Optional: If you want to do a mystical activity of purification, payment to the Apu Ausangate in the Otorongo Lagoon, indicate before the tour reservation

Day 4: Azulcocha – Pacchanta – Cusco

Phew! The adventure is ending we go to Cusco with our mobile. Noo first is breakfast and a walk to the town of Pacchanta, to enjoy the hot springs so warm we will bathe to go clean and relaxed to Cusco. We will receive our last lunch prepared by our Huillca Expedition team and goodbye hugs because everyone stays here. The entire team of Huillca Expedition is from the Ausangate Valley, they have been born and lived in this town of Pacchanta, they have extensive experience and know everything that happens in the mountains every day. Until next time!



  • Tour plan information: In this information the details of the walk, directions and some final recommendations will be announced according to the season conditions, where the luggage will be received with its respective travel bag. This meeting is mostly the day before the start of the trekking. Here you will meet your Travel Guide and all your team.
  • Professional guide: We have professional guides specialized in expeditions with constant training to assume and solve the risks in the high mountains with their reserve language. All our guides also speak Spanish and the Quechua local language. If you have selected the ascension to the Jampa mountain you will be assigned a high mountain climbing guide and an aspirant as an ascent assistant.
  • Transportation: Our transports are private to get to the starting point of the walk and its respective return. Our drivers will pick you up at the exact time of your hotel.
  • Camping Equipment: We use all the camping equipment: 4-season mountain tents for two people, kitchen tents, dining tents, bath tent, inflatable mats, sleeping bag, chairs, tables, complete kitchen equipment.
  • Horses: We will have cargo horses to carry all the camping equipment and personal equipment provided in each briefcase provided. Emergency horses, this horse will be destined to ride if someone is tired or has trouble going to the rhythm of his team’s walk.
  • Arrieros: Our staff is dedicated to the handling of cargo and emergency horses. They are trained to support the camp in different activities, they are very fun, they have Spanish and Quechua speaking skills.
  • Cook: We have specialized and trained chefs in the preparation of varied menus and, above all, delicious and nutritious. There will be a support cook for preparing food in the camps.
  • Food: The food we will provide will be varied, you will have (Wake-up tea to be served at the store to greet the Pachamama and the Sun, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea time missing one hour before dinner, Dinner and Snack every days), There will also be special dishes from the area, for vegan, vegetarian or special menus indicated before booking and will be prepared at no cost.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene: We will provide hot water every morning to wash our hands and for alcohol at night to disinfect due to cold conditions, soaps, etc.
  • Medical Kit: There will be a medical kit including first aid medicines and emergency oxygen for height cases.
  • Entry Ticks: Includes the payment of tickets during the walk, payment of camps, payment of horses.

Not included:

  • Transportation: Does not include transportation before the start of the trekking, does not include flights of place of origin or local. The tour starts in Cusco and ends in Cusco, unless you have ordered a package or combinations with different destinations.
  • Food: Does not include last dinner, extra alcoholic drinks.
  • Travel Insurance: Does not include travel insurance.
  • Costs: Does not include additional costs or delays caused by the participant, political instability, lifting of strikes, bad weather conditions, personal expenses, entry to the hot springs in the expedition. Does not include lodging in Cusco.
  • Trekking poles: If you wish you can rent from our company.
  • Tips: does not include tips for the expedition team or for local people.

Items to bring:

  • Daypack 30 liters/packtowl
  • Knit hat/hat
  • Headlamp
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen
  • Rain poncho/Rain jacket/Pants
  • Heavy polartec top
  • Jacket/fleece
  • Power stretch shirt
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Trekking poles
  • Convertible nylon pants
  • Polypropylene underwear
  • Short/swimsuit
  • Hiking boots/3 pairs running socks
  • Flip flops
  • Anti-itch cream/insect repellent
  • Cash/snacks
  • Toilet paper


* We will not be able to book and confirm your tour or trek without the following:
1. A deposit of 50% + 7%(TAX). Deposits are made to the Email below.



(An easy and cheaper way to send the deposit) Once you confirm your booking of trips, send the deposit through Western Union page or if you have any closer agency of this company , send us the money in US$ in name of :

Name: Juan carlos
Paternal name: Salon
Maternal name: Huamani
ID or DNI: 42888634
Address: Lucrepata E – 15
Telephone number: (+51) 978964009
Office of Western Union to be picked: Maruri street N° 310