Manu National Park 7 days

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this trip is through the Biosphere Reserve of Manu which concentrates most of animal activity, as the largest clay lick in Blanquillo and the famous Tapir Clay Lick in the area Maquisapayoj also there are 5 lakes where we will see giant river otters; in one piranha fishing possible. On this tour you will have less time traveling on the boat and give you more options to see animals and explore the trails.


  • Type of Tour: Adventure, ecological landscapes and cultural
  • Departures Days: Every day
  • Season: Regularly from march to december
  • Tour Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
  • Accommodation: 5 nights lodge
  • Group size: 2 – 10 persons
  • Maximum height: 3,850 meters
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Price: 980 USD per person

Manu National Park 7 days Itinerary:

Day 1: Cusco-  Ticari Lodge – Asuncion

6:00 a.m We pick you up from your hotel in pribado mobility. During the trip we stopped at interesting places like Chullpas Ninamarca; These are pre-Inca tombs. The trip takes about 11 hours; the highest point on this route is4000m. On this trip we went through the Andes and the famous cloud forest which has interesting flora and fauna like the cock of the rock considered national bird of Peru. In the afternoon we arrive at the village of Asunción. Bamboo Lodge Overnight stay in double rooms with private bathroom. Optional night walk.


Day 2: Ticari Lodge – Hummingbird Lodge – Manu

After breakfast, we continue our journey by bus to Atalaya, on the way we will stop to see orchids. From Atalaya we take our motorboat to Boca Manu, on the way we see interesting birds such as herons, macaws, vultures and many flycatchers along the banks of the Alto Madre de Dios River. Overnight at the “Hummingbird” hostel. Optional night walk (to see tarantulas, insects, frogs, snakes, etc).


Day 3: Hummingbird Lodge – Maquisapayoj

After breakfast, we continue our boat ride for about 2 hours. During the boat ride, we have the best options to see the famous JAguar, capybaras, caimans sleeping on the beach, herons fishing on the banks of the Madre de Dios River, macaws, toucans, vultures, eagles and other bird species listed throughout our trip. We spent the night in the hostel Maquisapayoj with private bathroom and hot shower. Optional night walk.


Day 4: Maquisapayoj – Colpa Gguacamayos 

4:40 a.m. We headed to the clay lick, the trip takes 30 minutes by boat and 5 minutes walking to the special observation platform. The event begins at 5:30 am with the small parrots and later the big macaws. Parrots eat the clay which contains minerals that helps the stomach digestion that is the reason why hundreds of parakeets, parrots and macaws come to this particular place. After lunch, we walked through the woods by an average of 2 hours enjoying the rain forest and vastness of flora and mind go back looking mammal grade more of this forest, Tapir Clay Lick, here is an observation deck especially to see Tapir (Tapirus terrestris). Tapirs are usually active at night for this reason we have mosquito nets with mattresses and blankets for the night.


Day 5: Camungo Lake –  White Lake

Early visit the White Lake, here find the family of giant river otters that use very often this lake is also an interesting place to observe the prehistoric bird called hoatzin, hawk, sloths, howler monkey, squirrel monkey the white-fronted capuchin monkey, brown capuchin monkeys and other species that inhabit this lake. After lunch, we visit Lake Camungo, climb a tower of 42 meters, which is a very good place to observe the marvelous toucans. Then we will go on a catamaran to have another opportunity to see giant otters. Return to the lodge and have another option to view tapir if not lucky last night.


Day 6: Maquisapayoj

On this day, the paths of the hostel are explored, looking at spider monkey, Monk Saki, the monkey emperor, etc. will also be given a good explanation about medicinal plants and trees used for lumber. Again we have the last option to see tapir in case we did not have luck.


Day 7: Maquisapayoj – Cusco Or Puerto Maldonado

Early morning, we began our journey back to Cusco, first boat to Cacerio Colorado and then by car to Puerto Carlos, after crossing the Inambari river, take our private bus to Cusco, we will be arriving around 19 : 00 hours and leave them in your hotel. For people who want to take flight; Puerto Carlos took another car from 2h30 ‘to the airport in Puerto Maldonado and take the last flight, arriving in Cusco around 15:00 and arriving in Lima around 17:00 Hrs. The transfer from the airport to your hotel and dinner is on your own.




    • Guía profesional con el telescopio
    • Guía de aves a petición
    • Transporte privado de bus y bote
    • Entradas a la Collpa de Guacamayos y Tapir
    • Entradas al Lago Camungo y Blanco
    • Cocinero y comida (vegetariano a pedido)
    • Agua potable
    • Alojamientos
    • Botiquín de primeros auxilios, extractor (para veneno)
    • Bite Away para las picaduras de mosquitos
    • Antídoto para la mordedura de serpiente
    • Radio de comunicación
    • Botas de goma

Not included:

  • Binocular
  • Impuesto del aeropuerto
  • Bebidas alcohólicas, gaseosas, etc.
  • Propina

What do I need to bring?

  • Repelente de mosquitos
  • Camisas de manga larga
  • Pantalones largos
  • Calcetines de algodón
  • Zapatos de trekking
  • Sandalias
  • Equipo de lluvia (poncho de lluvia está bien)
  • Suéter (para los Andes, bosque nublado y selva en caso de frio)
  • Binoculares muy importante
  • Cámara y batería extra
  • Re cargador de batería
  • Dry Bag para su cámara y ropa
  • Artículos de higiene personal como cepillo dental y otros
  • Sombrero (o un pañuelo)
  • Bloqueador solar, lentes de sol
  • Linterna (con el bulbo o foco de repuesto y baterías)
  • Botella de agua (mínimo 1 litro)
  • Bite Away (para picadura de mosquitos) muy importante para viajar en Perú
  • Mochila pequeña
  • Pasaporte original
  • Dinero (soles) para refrescos, artesanías y propinas


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